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strike force heroes 2For those who love shooting and challenging games, here is at Cool Math Games providing you a series of fantastic shooting games. The best one all players are addicted to is Strike Force Heroes 2 unblocked. This game takes you to the 1980s and helps you take part in a turbulent war. Hurry up to meet your characters: Transformers and G.I. Joe to start planning missions. Here we go!

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You feel excited at huge casts full of powerful character to pick and set up a great team to begin fighting all kinds of enemies off. With a stable breadcrumb trail of new heroes and advanced weapons, the game runs to stay fresh at all time while you are trying to eliminate rivals. Strike Force Heroes 2 is the same as other endless shooters. The players have to tap the left side of the screen to jump and tap the right one to shoot. But, with this version, developers do something both incredibly easy-controlling and entirely game-changing. Basically unseen in the endless shooter is the ability to stop, resting, and planning the next move. It seems that this is a simple strategy, but it makes a world of differences from how you approach this version. The players not only run until they falter, but also control over how things pan out, and it’s a welcome change. With 30 various missions, they can challenge themselves to deadly foes. While killing them, please unlock some set pieces on hand from to helicopters to firefighters to add more support, an extra bit of urgency, excitement, and a variety of gameplay. Remember that each mission always constantly keep you on your toes.


sfh2Let’s go and play strike force heroes 2 unblocked, select the best heroes like Medic, Commando, Assassin, and Tank with many special weapons. Try to beat all enemies to gain experience, cash, and unlock more advanced weapons and special abilities for purchase. The first mode – stage-based campaign mode includes 30 different missions. Each of them has 3 stars: on for competing with the time limit, one for completion, and one for picking up the intel in each level. Surprisingly, the players don’t do all of these aims in one run. They can take their time to collect the intel and go back to speed up through stages to another level and gain all 3 stars. The missions will be tough at the end of the campaign. Be smart to accomplish them.   Wiki Link - SFH2  
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Strike Force Heroes 3


Strike Force Heroes 3 Unblocked Guys, we want to announce the great news! That’s, Strike Force Heroes 3 unblocked is finally out! Can’t wait to enjoy this amazing shooting strategy game now, right? Be ready to take on a new challenge! What’s new in this 3rd installment? Hurry to role-play a brilliant and brave commander, players! Your objective here is guiding him to enter the enemies’ headquarters and rescue his teammates. What happened to them? Well, the foes have kidnapped and trapped them in this dreadful place. Avail the gun and access the main arena to carry out the chief task. Quickly aim and fire at the hostiles’ head whenever seeing them. While moving, please stay away from all the obstacles (deadly holes, electric pool,…

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Strike Force Heroes 3